On June 2, 2003  we received a sandhill colt from Green Bay wildlife center. It was separated from its parents and needed assistance.  It came to The Feather and was welcomed by GreyWind, our surrogate sandhill.   The summer passed and it learned to fly with another sub-adult at the center.  They self released on Sept 17, 2003 and spent the nights in the marshes with the wild cranes and the days here at The Feather.  When cold weather and short days came they flew more and even brought home two wild cranes.  On November 10, 2003 they left at 8:30 in the morning and never came back.  The journey had begun......

e photos below show the time the colt spent here at The Feather and it's progress prior to leaving .


Grey Wind teaches the colt how to probe in the soil and water to find high protein foods.
The colt was raised with Grey Wind and a sub adult.   They spent the summer together all learning from each other.


They flew each day  and even brought home two wild cranes. These two were the teachers of the wild.  They spent their nights in the marshes with the wild bird and learned how to survive.

Early November the two cranes are more anxious  and stay away longer and longer.  They are getting ready for a journey that they know nothing about.


On April 26, 2004 the colt returned to the place he was raised.   He spent some 5 hours here and then give a flight intent growl and we walked to the driveway and he took to the air in a slight snow shower. He told us he MADE THE JOURNEY.



The photo below was taken on April 26, 2004 the day the colt from 2003 returned to the yard.  He spent the day here with the other cranes, ate a bit and just let us know that he did make the journey to Georgia or Florida for the winter.  We here at the Feather only give them a second chance.   The real teachers are the wild birds that take them to really becoming sandhill cranes.



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