This page is dedicated to our good friend John Wieneke.   John gave us ten years of unending help in all forms at the Feather. He came to us though his wife Nancy, who I worked with at the local newspaper in New London.  We had a tornado go through us in 1994 and John came in that year and stayed until his death on January 11, 2005.  He fought his own battle with cancer in many forms.  He went home to be with God when his purpose here on earth was done. We will miss John every time we look out the window and see all that he did for the birds of the Feather.




John's son Brad married Shelia in August 2003. This is John's family. His wife Nancy, his daughter Stacy and her husband Karl and their two sons, Sam and Justin.  These boys were the love of John's life. He spoke of them often. These people were John Wieneke's life.



The following photos are some from the time John spent at the Feather.




In the spring of 2003 John and his church members re-built the vulture and eagle cage.  Even though he had just had major surgery just two weeks before.   He was determined to get this project done.   He had good help to complete the project.



Don Baumgartner is holding Pirate the bald eagle for an article in the local paper.   John had just finished the heated indoor pen for the bird. 


In the spring of 1999, John and I started a mission to protect the mourning doves from being hunted in Wisconsin.  With the help of a great number of Wisconsin citizens we fought the fight for some five years and the doves lost in the end.  John put a great deal of loving energy into this issue.   He never faltered in his beliefs.




John also helped on educational programs that we did with our birds.  This was taken at Navarino Nature Center out of Shawano.   He did a great job at working the birds for the public to see and learn.


I think of all the birds here at the Feather John and I shared the most common bond with the sandhill cranes.   In 2003 this banded crane was released from here and on April 26 2004 he returned to the yard.  I called John and he was elated at this event.  John helped to band the releasable birds at times.Over the ten year period he supervised the building of over some 500 feet of separate cages.    From a 120 foot flight to a 12"x12" hummingbird cage to ship to Florida.   He had a lot of good help, but usually ended up putting all the finishing touches on himself. Click here to see the caging at the Feather.


A memorial was established in John's name and the Feather received part of it.  The photo to the right is what we did in memory of John. 


On January 11, 2005 my good friend John Wieneke went home to be with God. He had lived his live from start to finish and that was some 59 years.   He believed Jesus Christ was his personal savior and I believe that John is doing just fine in the kingdom of God. We  miss him here on earth, but know that he did what he was sent to do and now is at peace


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