On May 6th 2003,we received a call from a lady south of Neenah Wisconsin that had a small owl on the ground.   After finding out how young it was we decided to put it back in the nest.  The nest was a squirrels nest and not to well built for an owl.  Randy Stoeger put it back that night and we decided to put up a basket the next day.. Then we waited for the parent to come back to the new nest.  It worked...................



While we waited for Randy to tie up the new nest we took photos of the baby on the ground.



Then the young owl was put in his new nest and carried up the tree. The parent was on site watching, but not interfering.....








Randy is securing the basket some 25 feet up in the same tree.





We never got a photo of the parent and the young bird in the basket, but the owners of the tree said that the mother and the baby spent many days together in the basket, until the baby flew. 
A great group of caring people gave up a beautiful warm day on May 3  and did the "dirty work" at The Feather.  The cages were beautiful when they left some five hours later. Below are some photos of the crew.





Pictured from left to right in back are, Suzanne Klein, holding the snake, Kathy Wunrow, Tim Kellnhauser, Ginny Halverson, Angie Roberts, Marge Nelson, and Tammie Schmidt.

Front row P.J. Wetak, Ann Rosenberg, Lisa Gleason, Wendy Mayr, and Karen Hess.   Not pictured- Zac Fisher, Paula Minkebiege and Maureen Fazen.



Sailor, the Canada goose, gives Paula advise on " how to".



Suzanne helps the stow-away snake and then gets bit by it. She then released it into the rock wall

I wish to take the time  to thank everyone for volunteering their time to make a difference in the appearance of the birds home cages. Fisher


August project 2003.


Our educational turkey vulture's cage was falling apart, so Jim Wirtz and Dean Mielke torn it apart in two days, and John Wieneke and his crew re-built it in one day on August 9, 2003.  Photos below show the one day project and  the volunteers that made it possible.




John Wieneke shown here supervising the re-building on August 9.


John shows Mike Isbill,and Bob Weise the correct measurements.

Looking on is Bob's son Jimmy Weise.


Ron Beyer, Bob Dieck and Bob Weise are shown here remodeling the other half of the 28 foot pen.


Pictured here are left to right, Jimmy Weise, Christian Isbill and Matt Weise. The boys are cutting vinyl coated wire for the walls of the pen.



Here Charlie Bach lends a hand with the new walls.

A special thanks to Charlie's wife for the great lunch.