In 2004 we started an Osprey project in New London. This page will be the start of the season  on each platform that we will be monitoring in 2005.   New London already had three platforms up for the 2004 season and  they fledged eight young ospreys.   The platforms are up to high to monitor the progress of  the young. The Feather with the help of a lot of caring people has put up four more platforms at a lower height, so now we can monitor the young of these four sites.  The photos below are the people that helped us start this project.   This will be an on-going project  and if and when the birds take the new sites we will have a page for each site telling you of the birds progress.


This  platform is on a high line.    This site fledged two chicks in 2004. One was in rehab and died with a puncture wound to the chest. 

Another high platform is west of New London.  This site fledged three chicks in 2004.

The third site is also in the New London area.  This site fledged three chicks in 2004. This is where we learned about ospreys first hand.


For the 2005 season each platform will have its own page and the progress of that site.  We never know what bird species will take the site.  It could be bald eagles, ospreys, great horned owls and even red tailed hawks.  It does not matter.

The following photos are of the Wolf River Shadows 4H group building the platforms and We Energies fellows  putting them up.

Part of the 4H group building platforms in Shiocton, Wisconsin

The finished product.

Weyauwega crew of three drilling the hole for the platform.

This platform is on private property outside Weyauwega.


Platform No. 2 on private property

Almost done on second platform.

Time for a coffee break at Mosquito Hill Nature Center

In place ready to plumb.

Mike young helps crew to unload fourth platform at Fallen Timbers

Last the sticks added to the nest by climber Dan Verhagen.


The Feather wishes to thank all the caring people that made this project happen.  First to the great group of kids from the Wolf River Shadows 4H club and their parents from Shiocton who made the platforms.  Second, to Mike Young the DNR conservation officer from Shiocton for his on going part in the project.  Third to Mike's new born son, Abraham for the donation of the lumber.  Fourth to the two bird loving landowners that gave the use of their land for the private sites.  Fifth to the two nature centers, Mosquito Hill and Fallen Timbers, for educational sites for the platforms and last but not least to the wonderful group of men from We Energies out of Appleton and Weyauwega who donated their time, equipment and poles to make this happen. Also to Noel Cutright from We Energies out of Milwaukee for the contact direction.  Like we said in the beginning of this page, we never realized that it would take so many people to make this happen.

Terrill Clark, Tim Bristol and Ted Bouressa, Weyauwega.

Dan Verhagen, Tom  Braun, and Larry Mills, Appleton.

Hopefully this empty platform will go from this to---------

THIS --------------------IN 2005 AND MORE.


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